B efore sending our workers, we give them several trainings with the help of respective teachers and trainers. As main subject, we teach them languages, especially the basic English of communication and mother tongue from the country they will go.

A nother training we offer is the techanical training. In this training each skill the workers need in performing the works is taught. What kind of skill must be given to the selected workers depends on what employers abroad request. The kinds of skills they request are of welders, electricians and mechanics etc...

T he last training we provide our workers is of orientation to destination country, safety in work site, health and hygienic and travelling knowledge.


Alloted Time
Content of lesson
Language Skill
200 hrs
Especially in basic Communication English and mother tongues of destination countries.
Safety in work site
20 hrs
On prevention of the accidence in work site
Health Care
12 hrs
On prevention of the transmitted diseases
Introduction of destination country
12 hrs
On culture of destination country
do and don't in foregin country
12 hrs
On staying according to the destination countries' culture
General Knowledge and travelling information
20 hrs
On travelling to foreign countries
Other needing special skill demandes by employer
Three month to Five month
On special skill as demanded by Employer. (especially welders, Electricians and mechanics etc..)
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